…to the International FeelGood Academy.

We live in a multicultural and international environment; Not only because of our travels or the World Wide Web but also because our neighbours might be from another culture than ourselves.

Different cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, environments, thoughts, ages, education, convictions, opinions, behaviour, etc., inspire us to different thoughts and ideas and so enrich our lives/our development as a human being.
But they can also make us uncertain, unsettled and scared. When people are afraid they don’t have the personal space to grow and develop: they freeze.
At the International FeelGood Academy we believe that when people feel good they are more openminded/acceptant and adjust easier to new, different and sometimes difficult situations and experiences.

We think that understanding how and why other people do what they do and think what they think, will help you to FeelGood with yourself and your environment -where that might be-.

Our goal is to enjoy and feel good about differences -our different nationalities, our different cultures- for as much people as possible, by sharing our experiences and knowledge.

About us

Nicole Zwarts;fullsizeoutput_9fd0

Cultural coach, mediator, & consultant; blogger.
Mother of 4. Worked/lived in Japan, England, Australia, Germany, Qatar and Netherlands.
Degrees as personal coach, international communications, intercultural psychology and HR manager.
Founder of International FeelGood Academy and artist at zwARTstudio.
languages; dutch, English, German

Thomas van Els;IMG_2089

Master international relations
Website developer, IT matters

languages; dutch, English fluently;
Spanish, Japanese, german