“Let’s go for it”

Wauw, my first words for a blog. “Let’s go for it”, “Alahmdala”, “op hoop van zegen” just a few phrases in different languages (sorry for the spelling, don’t want to insult anybody but the words feel good) that tell the way I feel right now.

The idea of starting an community “International Feel Good Academy” ran through my mind for a long time. But there were always hurdles in the way to make it possible; 4 children, a dog, international moves and a husband running somewhere over this globe.
And just now I recognised “I’m getting old!!” I’m not slightly up-to-date with the new trends, possibilities and techniques,  as I thought I was “I’m old fashioned, I missed a whole generation or 2 while being a mother and world traveller”!
Where I embrace the internet as a source of getting information for a specific reason, the new generation has no reason to gather information as just by being informed and amused. Or in my simple old fashioned way of thinking a website, a blog (the online version of a column) were ways to promote the product or service you had to offer, You can imagine my surprise that in an on line course “how to make money of your blog” they suggested to sell something??????. The way to get to the goal has become the way itself. Blogging, social media, networking, keeping up it’s a day task without knowing what it might bring or pay off.

Anyway, it took me a while to recover from the shock. But in the meantime I also saw that my dreams about a world wide community, who could share and learn from each other in a positive and fun way was much more a possibility then ever before. Before anybody else would do the same I got myself a domain;  www.feelgoodacademy.international, so far I understand, got my name registered on a blogpost  thing, was not to difficult either and it was very obvious how to write a post. (as you can see the result). It’s like putting on a bathing suit without knowing how to swim, buying a ticket for the pool and jump.

So here I’m standing in the pool, I’m not that big of a fool to jump in the deep, wanting to learn how to swim but my coach is young and speaks a language I don’t understand. “What’s the difference between my username, hostname email address?” I’m already lost.
In the meantime I’ve learned (shift, enter) and I uploaded a picture. “HA”





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