Sweet treats

Lollies, Meringues from France, Belgian praliné, Dutch syrup waffles, Arabian dried fruits, Tim Tams from Australia, churros from south America; Every where in the world where I’ve lived and travelled I’ve found sweet treats. A lot of chocolate, in an enormous amount of diversity; wrapped bars, pralinés, sprinkles on bread, in dairy; But also candy, pies, cakes, muffins, moshi, dried fruits etc. etc..

In all it’s diversity the taste sweet is -usually- not a punishment to eat and often a treat or a reward. When you eat sweets your brain makes the hormon dopamine which makes you feel good.

For a good start of the day, people from a lot of countries start with sweetend strong coffee, croisant with confiture/jam/jelly, bread with peanutbutter/sprinkles, pancakes, cereals or sweet fruits. Others have a reward after a hard days work is done; englisch tea time with scones, jam and clotted cream, in Gemany Kuchen. When I was a child I could have a sweet desert when I finished my diner (yes my parents survived the hunger winter in Europe).

But now in most prosperous societies sweets are not a treat or an award anymore, the huge availibility took of the exclusitvity of a sweet treat, which causes obesse and diabetic in many cases. It would be better if sweets would be regarded as a treat again rather then some sort of right.

For some people it seems that having a sweet treat makes them feel good in stead of something to celebrate that you feel good.

In many societies sweet treats are for sharing on special occasions like a birthday or just a little gesture to show somebody that you feel good with that person or that you acknowledge him or her.

So what about calling, 28th of September , international treats day and make it a yearly event? Let’s share some treats from your culture with people around you with whom you don’t mingle daily, just because of SWEET TREAT DAY?

Please share your ideas or comments so we can start an international new tradition.

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