Dopamine 1


When you do research about Feeling Good you can’t avoid the hormone ‘dopamine’. I decided that I must know something about dopamine before I write more about it and feeling good.

But I’m not a scientist, I’m so NOT a scientist! I’m much more interested in applying all knowledge and theories into use for daily live and make it understandable for everybody. Besides that, I’m a very visual thinker and when I can’t picture the information, you lost me. So please don’t expect a scientific blog about dopamine, I hope I can share with you what I think is interesting to know about dopamine.

Dopamine is a hormone, a hormon is a chemical made in different glands through the body and being transmitted via the bloodstream to stimulate and regulate organs and tissue in the body.  To make it visual -and probably a bit rude-, a hormone is the freight train who brings specific necessities (dopamine) from the production (glands) to a certain destination (organ) and your body is a network.  The hormone is then an ingredient for something in your body to survive. Like flour for a baker to make bread. In case of dopamine is that the way you feel. Neorotransmitters are doing kind of the same between but then between -you guessed it- neurons in the brains. Dopamine is made in the prefrontal brains.
My point is to let you know that hormones do have a big and necessary influence on your body, health and the way you feel.
It’s a science very much in development, with modern technology, scientist discover every day more about the importance of hormones.

Research has shown several things that stimulates the production of dopamine;

  • exercise; In relation to the production of dopamine it’s not only sports but also all kind of creative activities or jobs, as long you use your brain to make your body move.
  • Oxygen; What can I say about that? go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air, doesn’t need to be cold but not reused air either (airco). In some environments that might be harder than the other but I bet there’s a time of the day when you can take some deep breaths.
  • Certain foods; Foods with proteins, omega 3, almonds and guess what…….. pure chocolate (only 20 gr per day!)
  • I could not find information if hormones and in this case related to dopamine are depending on race. But I make an intelligent guess that every human needs glands, organs and hormons, maybe in different quantities but all the same. Which makes it very interesting for an International FeelGood Academy.

At least I like to think that when I take a deep breath it makes me feel good but also my unknown fellow human and that that is something we share. 


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