The medium of communication of the International FeelGood Academy is English. Not out of arrogancy that English is the best or most beautiful language. But English is the most common used language and for me, being Dutch, English is my second language; As is English, the second language for many people. 
The most spoken language in the world is Mandarin-Chinese and after that comes Spanish. But not so many people use Mandarin or Spanish as a second language and with that the amount of people who are able to communicate in English outnumbers all other world languages.
Besides that, English is not so difficult as many other languages to communicate. It’s so much easier just to use you instead of Sie (Germany), usted (spanish), vous (Francais). It makes the chance you insult somebody, unintentionally, a lot smaller.
Unintentionally we can make a lot of mistakes speaking other languages. 
Once in Germany I thought I understood the sign, I thought it mentioned that you had to watch for incoming traffic but eventually it mend that it was only for the people who lived along that road. I was stopped by a German hunter with a gun on his back (“oops”). I’m still grateful that I had a car with the wheel on the right side, so he must have known that I was a foreigner otherwise I’m afraid he would have shoot me. 
Since then I always make sure that people know that even I know the language it doesn’t automaticcaly means that I understand the customs.
Apparently it seems that when people speak another language they will also connect easier to that culture. And yes, in some ways I think that makes sense because in English I’m using much more polite words then in Dutch, just because there are so many more polite words in English, so I do behave more polite.

In almost every culture you find a similar story as the tower of Babylon; People wanted to build a tower up towards the Heaven, this arrogance got (the) God(s) so angry that they send confusion of tongues by different languages; people couldn’t communicate anymore and couldn’t work together to finish the building. 
This story tells me that people know for ages that when people are speaking one language it makes them able to achieve things TOGETHER.

And as the majority of people on this planet are able to communicate in English….. English it is for the International FeelGood Academy.

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