Truth 1, ramadan

Truth, religion

This week the Ramadan started, the month of fasting in the Islam. I live in a conservative islamic country, which means that not islamic people are also not allowed to eat and drink in public (the car is public here?!) and it’s about 40+C.

I’m not going to share with you what ramadan stands for but yet it is an international event as there are Islamic people all over the world for whom this is an important time of the year, just like christmas and easter are in western/christian society.  So I think it’s appropriate for an International Feelgood Academy to give it some thoughts. 

But I DO NOT want a religious blog because I don’t think a religious discussion will help to an International FeelGood atmosphere. All wars were and are some how connected to religion.
Specially judaism, christianity and islam, whom all preach the truth.
And what is truth? checking various dictionaries, I found;

  • – actual state of a matter -> Actual means at this moment -now- and a matter is a subject  or situation. So it won’t be transmittable in other times, places or situations with other people. The only truth is completely depending on the person, the moment and the subject. As soon as there are feelings or thoughts to it it becomes an opinion; a personal truth.
  • – a fact  -> is something proven to exist or to have happened. There are a lot of stories in all religions considering being truth but can’t be proven.

I think that people who consider to know the truth and live by their truth are not open to different and new ideas or experiences which is where the International Feelgood Academy stands for.

None the less it’s a fact that faith makes a person feel good. It gives comfort in the fear of the unknown, a sense of belonging and the rituals give life a direction.

I really do consider the people who are fasting and I won’t tease them with food or drink while they can’t  but on the other hand I think they should have consideration with people who don’t choose to fast and need to drink. My kidneys are longing and my head is throbbing.

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