Ramadan Kareem

It’s the last week of the ramadan. I fled Qatar. The heat, the Ramadan and the Sharia that if we would do something wrong we would be punished (nobody knows what or how). I’ve got a teenage daughter who’s a bit rebellious and got the intention showing of her (gorgeous young) body and I can’t stand to be at home every day or do without water.

The philosophy behind the ramadan though is interesting and is connected with a Good Feeling.
“By changing our habits and daily routines in accordance to divine orders we learn that we’re not the slaves of our habits but the servants of Allah” And indeed if you change your routine and daily habits for at least a few weeks, your brain will change in it’s routine of thinking, it becomes more flexible and got the opportunity to think of new and different ideas and solutions. A lot of decisions are made during Ramadan.

“By cutting  off one self voluntarily from worldly comforts, even for a short time, a fasting person also gains true sympathy with those who go without food and water on regular base” It’s so true that if you’re been cut off of your daily comforts you just start to realize and value them more. I really do value that I can drink, when, where and what I want.
Since I live in a conservative Islam country I started to realize how much I value my independence, freedom and justice. Because I don’t have those values overthere I learned how much I value them. 

One of the perceptions of the Quran is that one should give 2,5% of it’s income to charity, during the ramadan it’s time to act to that charity. Or just to be good for other people and animals. Giving gives a very good feeling, it’s a nice feeling to do something good and in the human spirit if you’re good to other people, people will be good to you too. (why only Ramadan?).

But most of all,I love the iftar meals; people come together to prepare meals and after the sunset they break the fasting and have meals together. After a day of fasting every meal turns out a little celebration. A time of connecting with the people in your life, just being kind, even when you don’t agree, accepting.  It’s not bound only to the (extended) family meals but also with friends and colleagues as you’ve got a whole month instead of one or two days like christians have with christmas. That are occasions which makes people Feel Good

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