European Championship

To be honest I’m not a football fan at all. Actually I don’t like any competitive game because I’m always sad that there is a looser who’s not Feeling Good after their loss. (Ok, that also tells something about me…… I don’t like to lose)

But I’m a bit mixed about the football championships.
The netherlands are not joining the european championships this year. When the Netherlands are playing in the european- or world championships, the netherlands turn orange; streets are being decorated with orange garlands and flags, people wear crazy orange outfits and hats. People watch together on big screens or in pubs. 
It’s that solidarity I do miss now the netherlands are not playing, people cheering together and crying together.
It’s a form of nationalism; people feeling connected, feeling they belong no matter if they’re young or old, female or male, gay or hetero, cheese, chocolate or caramel.

Humans are a social breed, we need each other to survive, to maintain our lifestyle or grow. We can’t do everything on our own in this complex modern world and even if we can, we need other people to confirm our existence, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with.
We need a sense of belonging and that is what championships bring; We’re all one behind our national team; specially when they win, but even when they lose it brings up a topic everybody can talk about.

But why are the football championships world-wide so big? I know cricket, ice hockey, basket ball or rugby are known as national sports but they are not internationally as big as football. I think because it is cheap; every thing round can be kicked from one side to another and it is one of the oldest sports who do have international acknowledged rules.
But I think mainly that it is a social game; you need people to from a team and another team to play a match. And being part of a team gives a feeling of belonging, Belonging again.

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