holiday 1


Sorry, Sorry, sorry, I try to post regularly once a week and usually that works, no matter where I am. I choose places to stay with internet/wifi or be back in civilisation once a week at least. But it is holidays……. And all the internet/wifi you can find is being absorbed by my colleague tourists, and not only the young ones, although they are most easy to spot.

It was a bit shocking to discover, how much we are depending on wifi and the internet. I say ‘we’ because in this time it was for sure not only me, although when I miss it, I really need it and I get quiet frustrated when it doesn’t work the way I want it.

Even now as I’m writing this, very very, early in the morning, I’m not able to connect to the wifi. We’ve got a room at the end of the hallway…… I could go out of bed and sit under that wifi box, but we’re in the southern hemisphere and it’s winter here and it’s cold, COLD.

Sometimes I wish for the ‘old fashioned’ cable to plug-in and connect.

That shock, being out of your comfort zone is what holidays are meant for, for me. I love to see new landscapes, new cultures, new people. All my senses are open; the sounds (even the leaking toilet above us), the birds, the silence, the hustle of a mountain village in the morning; the smell, healthy mountain air, the exhaust fumes, wood fires, dusty plains; the views, ohhh those views, no dessert – no mountain range is the same; the colors, the blue of the ocean; Even how it feels, to be cold, really cold. I sleep so well -hidden under a few layers of covers with only my nose peeking out for a fresh breath-, unfortunately the bathroom in the morning is also cold and the warm water not reliable.

As a ‘people-culture’ freak I do love to see how other people live or what they consider a ‘normal’ live. The differences make me aware of myself, of my life, the things I’m used to and what I do appreciate, like a warm shower and WIFI.

PS 1 I had a warm shower, untill someone flushed the toilet, steamed the bathroom so much the bathroom was warm.

PS 2 Guess where I was. Leave a reply and maybe you win a nice souvenir from my trip.

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