Home sweet home

The moment we start our trip back home, for me the vacation is over and I can’t wait to be home. Mostly to be reunited with my loved ones and my pets. Suddenly I can see all the advantages of being home; The clean, warm bathrooms, my own pillow and real cheese (Yes I’m dutch and I do love my cheese) for breakfast, fast and reliable wifi.
As much as I love the excitement, all the things that are different, that make me feel awake and alive or the moments of complete relaxation, I can appreciate home too for a while.

The best thing still to come, the PICTURES, the memories for always frozen with my camera.
Sometimes I can’t wait to be old and a grandmother and I can get out my all photo albums and show my pictures. “ Oh and do you remember……” or “ Here your dad had climbed Machu Pichu and he was so hungry he could eat a whole alpaca”

I love taking pictures, It makes me very aware of my surroundings and looking for the story, the moment or feeling that I would like to freeze for eternity and to be able to recollect later and to share.
A good friend of mine is a very ‘mindfull’ person and tried to convince me to put away my camera and just be aware, feel and be in that moment. She sank into some kind of meditation while I completely missed the moment trying to become aware of that moment. I sort of panicked, I started to doubt myself, untill I realised that mindfulness, this way, is not for me. When I’m taking my pictures I’m probably more aware of the moment, the light, the atmosphere or the people then when I’m lost in myself. I’m enjoying what I see and feel and if I see a moment/scene, which capture that feeling and moment, I’ll shoot.
“Then you’re not living in that moment but waiting for a moment to take a picture” the reply was. I can’t convince her that I’m very mindful and very much aware of the moment. For her photoshooting is very stressful; being constantly stressed and aware of the right moment to snap, for me it’s the opposite it’s calming to be aware of my surroundings. Actually these differences makes us great travel palls, her mindfulness gives me the opportunities and time to wait calm for the right moment to shoot. It’s my way to live in the moment and a big advantage is that I always have my pictures and memories of the scenes and beautiful moments which I can share with others and recall later, which gives me twice as much fun, the moment itself and the memory.

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