It’s the philosophie of the International FeelGood Academy, that people who feel good,- save, – happy will be able look in a more positive way into the world, and will accept the differences and will be able to live with each other in peace on this beautiful planet.
This is a well accepted way of thinking in western society; Business, politicians and scientist put a lot of energy/money/research in the knowledge of positive psychology, and happiness, so they can use this knowledge to control people. Scientists are trying to find ways to make happiness measurable and statisticable (this is not a real word but I guess everybody can understand that I mean something as putting happiness down in numbers). I think that scientists are loosing happiness into statistics and completely forget that it’s all about feeling good;

Happiness is a very subjective matter, as happiness is a feeling/an emotion and things/situations that make people feel happy are different for every person and the culture they’ve been brought up in. Actually happiness shows differences between people very clearly.
I feel wonderful when the sun is shining and it’s hot but for somebody else it might be the complete opposite as they might need some rain or clouds to cover from the heat or to protect their crops and again somebody else is afraid of rain because it means floods and landslides.
There are even cultures in which it is not done to show your emotions of happiness because it makes you stand out of the group or make somebody else feel aware that they’re not so happy.

As happiness is an emotion it is not possible to be continuously happy in all situations, people can have an overall feeling of satisfaction or good feeling.
That’s why we talk about the
feelgood academy rather than the happiness academy. We like to share the things that make us people feel good and hope it’s an inspiration for others to open up too.

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