The Sun

How is that for you? How does the weather influence how you feel?

For me, I’m very much influenced by the weather; You could hardly talk about a summer in the Netherlands this year. The 21st of June (mid summer) I even wore a hat!!
It’s not that I mind cold (as long as my shower is warm 😉 ),-“you can dress extra against cold”. It’s the warmth and the light that makes me feel so much better when the sun shines. When it rains in the Netherlands it’s depressing, it’s not a tropic rain which takes an hour and then the sun comes back, it’s a depression coming from the Atlantic ocean which can take weeks, or whole seasons, you never know when it ends and when the sun will come back. I can really feel the heavy pression of those clouds and greyness in my head and on my shoulders.

Scientificly it’s proven that the sun has got many good characteristics; The warmth of the sun give muscles more souplesse, so it’s easier to move, to become energetic (When its cold I feel like i’m shrinking); When energy flows through your body it’s easier to feel good;  Warmth is calming and comforting; The sun makes your body produce vitamin D which strengthens your immuun system and the absorption of calcium in the bones. And the sunlight sets people’s biological clock, time to work and rest.
unfortunately with all the electricity nowadays we forget that the human body needs time to recover from mental and physical efforts.
People who live closer to the ‘poles’ and suffer from hardly any day light in winter, agree that they are less energetic and more depressed in winter; People in areas with  rain seasons complain about the same during the months that the sun is hidden behind a think pack of watery clouds and even people in the middle east suffer from vitamin D deficient when they’re locked inside with the air conditioning whole days, during summer.

BUT as much as I love the sun and warmth I feel obliged also warn against the sun, the UV from the sun can also cause cancer if you’re not cautious; don’t go in the sun unprotected and always protect your skin with -at least- a sun cream.


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