Possessions and Happiness

What’s the most odd thing I always take during travels? Funny question! It made me think.and I found an answer; ‘blue tack’. (For every one that doesn’t know what blue tack is, it’s a reusable and easy to detach gummy-like adhesive.).
I stick pictures of my loved-ones over the awful hotel pictures, or a drawing when the children when younger, or to do notes. They make me Feel Good; The pictures of my loved ones do remember me of where I belong or just a lovely memory and the ‘to do note’ give me a feeling of control.
The first weeks after -our frequent- international moves, we don’t have our possessions at hand. I do not really miss them, as long as our first needs are fulfilled. Being safe, have a roof and a bed to sleep, some hygiene, have some certainty about school and employment.

I will immediately admit that some possessions do make my live much easier and that that might give a oppertunity to enjoy live more, like a stove, I don’t like to think about cooking and meals over a fire. But it’s the feeling/emotion of gratitude that makes me Feel Good, I could have the feeling/emotions of jealousy that I only have a stove and not a combi/stove/oven instead.
It’s not possessions itself that make us Feel Good, it’s the positive feeling that’s connected to that certain product (which doesn’t need to be in your possession either.).. People tend to confuse the advantages of some materials with emotional value like; happiness, proud, gratitude.

It’s the other way around aswell; Because we’ve got an emotional attachment to some  materials/possessions we value them better and do they make us Feel Good. My photo albums, the high heels in which I look taller and more impressive, the ‘smoke chair’ of my Grandfather in which he used to smoke and read a book to me (Obviously that was before the time we’re made scared of how bad it is to breathe tobacco smoke), my children’s drawings which made me feel proud.
These possessions feel very important because they are a part of your identity; If you love music your guitar or cd collection is of much value, when you love plants your herbarium, for me my photo albums and memorables from all over the world. They show who you are and what you value, which doesn’t need to be much or expensive.

anyway what I do want to say is that possessions/materials doesn’t equal happiness or FeelGood, no matter how cheap or expensive, It’s all about the emotional value you give it!


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