The freedom to choose is a big accomplishment in the western world; People can choose the political party they think is best for them, they can choose their partner, they can choose what to wear, to which restaurant they go, what to eat, without being persecuted or punished and even killed. some choices might be financially restricted but we don’t have to be afraid, to be who we are and what we prefer.

So how come I dread to make choices? Which shirt shall I wear blue or red?Which lane am I going to. which one will be faster? Which restaurant shall we have diner which is better, tastier, better service?- which phone shall I buy? etc.
There are so many choices to make and I fear to make the wrong decision, I fear I’m failing.

Being afraid doesn’t Feel Good and I know by now that knowledge helps to overcome the fear. So I try to be well prepared to make a decision. I read about the topic, find articles, reviews and opinions of others.
unfortunately that does not always help me; Articles seem to be written from one perspective, reviews are very subjective – comparing sites as ‘tripadvisor’ e.a. are being corrupted by the concurrence – and opinions are being stated as facts.
And because of all those comparisons I’m not sure what to choose anymore.arrrrgggh I fear that the outcome of my decision isn’t good enough or at least not what I expected  or what I hoped for. What is my expectation of wearing the red or blue shirt? What do I hope for to take the fastest lane? What do I want from the restaurant?  meal or a nice evening-? Do I want to call people or have a good camera?
It definitely feels much better when I’m aware of all those unconscious expectations. At least it makes it easier to choose, which doesn’t mean the outcome of my choice is what I expected but in that case we’re talking about acceptance and disappointments and that “my friends” is a whole other topic for a blog.

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