The Netherlands used to be known as a tolerant society, the Dutch (people from the Netherlands) seemed to be accepting people who think- and behave differently, BUT they also expect others to make an effort to adjust to the Dutch culture. to act normal.
There are even a lot of proverbs who teach you not to stand out and act ‘normal’.

But what does normal mean?  I mixed and matched some definitions from different dictionaries

Is behaviour (or something) confirming to the standard or norm; what people are used to, or what is -commonly- considered/thought of,  as good, typical or expected according to the majority of the people/the culture your with, at a certain moment.

I guess it is not a very big surprise that normal is different for everybody and that normal behaviour is depending on the people your with at that moment and what they think is normal in that situation.
So if you’re used to sheep on the highway, you think it’s normal and good; If you’re used to ask for information, you think that’s normal/good and you won’t easily look up for information yourself; If you’re used to shootings and the majority of people think it’s good or justified, it will be ‘normal’.

People are a social pieces; we need each other to survive. In general we want to be part of a group to survive (for psychical and/or physical reasons), so we show behaviour that, that group will think of as normal/good or typical, for that reason there are a lot of known and unknown rules how we’re supposed to behave in certain situations, the so-called etiquette. We want/need to belong and not fail the expectations.
There are people who become afraid of other people when they don’t behave ‘normal’ just because they don’t know the rules how to react properly according to their group/society.
There are also people who like to act against what is normal and stand up and act differently but even these rebellious types are acting to belong to a group/society, they are usually youngsters who will form the new standard of normal.

For cosmopolitan people the standard of ‘normal’ is being able to act as expected by the majority and we know that people all over the world in general act out of what they consider good. We might not agree, but that’s something different than not accepting.

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