Should a land like Qatar keep organizing international sportevents?


“I’m stuck, right at the moment, there’s no way out of my house. Qatar has got the World Chamionships cycling right in front of my door. Exiting you might think. Mwah, not really, it’s 14.00hr and it’s still too warm to go outside without any shade and all dust and sand of the building activities”
I don’t understand why they do it now, later in the afternoon or just a month later and the weather will be perfect.
I do understand why Qatar want to organise sportsevents; Since they found gas in Qatar Qatars wealth and population is growing immensly and all those high temperred spoiled Qatari must do something with their energy to build and maintain a Qatari spirit rather then the ‘old fashioned’ clann spirit;
With increasing better standards of living in Africa and Asia the interests in sports is growing and Qatar wants to grab the opportunity to be the ‘sports nation’ of the region. Qatar has got the money to organise and host such big events as world chamionships, most nations don’t have the money anymore to justify big expensses for international events.

Big sportsevents got 3 important parties involved; the sporters, the supporters and the organizers.
Here in Qatar during the World Championship cycling the event is well organised for the sporters, good accomodations, transport, medical care;The sporters should be trained in different and difficult weather conditions (what about the heat and mountains in the tour the France? What about the cold, the rain and wind in the Netherlands, The humidity in Mexico? It is not only Qatar who got extreme weather conditions)
But then the supporters, for us spectators of an outdoor event it’s too hot here NOW. Nobody -exept for a few sports enthousiastics- is going to look and cheer. And thats what’s missing in Qatar, that’s the real reason why everybody is complaining about Qatar as a sports-event nation, there is no soul for the supporters.
Qatari organisers don’t really understand that there is another dimenssion of sport then the physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
Yes, they can put down luxury galleries, they have good accomodation facilities, they do organise a perfect opening- and closing ceremony, but there’s is no life, there is no enthousiasm, no emotion, no feelings. There’s no soul, the sporters should work there uther most for then themselves.
On the other hand can we blame the Qatari for not being too enthousiastic about the dimension ‘supporters’? With supporters they immediatly think about the hooligans and football vandalists, the competing, fighting and insulting supporters?
I think that kind of uncontrolled behaviour is a fear to close to daily live for the very conservative -clann based- Qatari society, it’s behaviour they try to avoid.
Uncontrolled behaviour is exactly why there’s no tolerance with alcohol as well.(the drugs discussion I leave for later)

In the end, from an inter cultural and a social point of view, I think Qatar should keep organizing international events like the World Championships, just because sports bring people together,
“don’t make the negative news stand out, don’t make the negativity so important, there’s so much to enjoy together!”

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