How would you call monday differently?

Here in the Middle East, Sunday is the weirdest day for me.
I would call Monday “back to realididay”. From western point of view, after the weekend (or free sunday), where you didn’t have to go to work or school, it’s the day you go back to reality and back to the ways you spend most days of the week. 
But here Sunday in “back to realididay” and it feels weird.
The many times I stood before a closed museum because it’s closed on Sunday and I thought it was Monday or when I want to start the business and everybody significant is still a sleep or having the day of.
I realised that the days of the week are much more related to the significance a person give to it then the real day or name.
For me Tuesday is “no day”, it’s the most boring day in the week and I can’t remember any significant Tuesday.
Wednesday is “half way day”; At the end of Wednesday we’re halfway the week towards the weekend.
Thursday “almost there day”; plans starting for the weekend. And then Friday is “celebrate day”, On friday we’ve got the whole weekend ahead of us to do something different then the rest of the weekdays.
Saturday was the “Enjoy day”; sleep, rest, celebrate time to do the things you enjoy.
Sunday was the most “boring day” or “family day”.
For people’s well-being it’s important to have a routine and rituals in the way they spend their time. In many cultures weekdays are related to what they do or eat.
In the Netherlands they called friday “fishday”, That had two reasons, one was that on friday the fishermen returned and the fish was the most fresh and the other was that Friday used to be the day of refraining, Catholics were supposed not to eat any ‘land animals’ so they ate fish. (that was long before people started to see vegetables as nutrition). 
After the industrial revolution these routines changed quickly. Because of the washing machine it was easy to do the laundry between jobs, so Monday “laundryday” disappeared.
According to teeth remains in skeletons. Even- people in the ice-age did have a pattern around 7 days.
Most cultures have a 7 days pattern now a days; Allah/God (alphabetical order) created the world in 6 days and rested the 7th day or 7 is 1/3 of the moon calendar or because there are 7 spheres to be seen to which they named the gods in the classic times.

Is there a routine in the weekdays in your culture? Do you know the social historic reason of that? We would love to hear.IFGAblogperson

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