American elections Don’t click away; this is maybe the most intercultural Feel Good blog I wrote.

American elections

I never thought I’m going to write something about politics, elections, let alone the american elections. But from a multi cultural point of view I’m almost obliged to write something about the outcome of the American elections.

Truth is, I was shocked.
But why was I so shocked? First of all, I believe the president of America is mostly a representative job, the real work is done behind the scenes and it’s still a democratic country which means the president doesn’t make the decisions in the end. But what hit me most is that apparently the majority of American people think it’s okay to be represented by a man who knowingly insults/hurts people, who show’s no respect of other people’s feelings? Is this the chosen figure to represent Americain values?? Is this the big example to look up to??
Is this a world leader??

Is this a world leader?? Maybe not, maybe that’s why the average American choose for Trump, because they don’t want to be part of the world. Is it the same nationalism what caused Brexit? That idea shocks me even more. What makes people so afraid that they don’t want to be open? Look around? See possibilities? Enjoy differences rather than be afraid and close themselves up?

I asked myself why was I so shocked? A shock is a reaction on something unexpected/undesired; a very unwelcome surprise.
 I consider myself as a well read and educated woman, who tries hard to read or find out about the whole picture the pro’s and the con’s, the yin and yang, the 50 shades of grey. I don’t believe in “if you’re not with me, you’re against me” (that’s the reason why I’m not really into american politics) So with all the information I could find, I was convinced Clinton would win. I can’t say I like Clinton, but in the end using my rationalised brain, she seems the more intelligent option of -only two- choices.
I realise now my opinion was based on the information I could find which is dependent on the culture I live in. If I lived in another country/culture my opinion would probably turn out differently, because the themes the media would cover would be different and would be more to what people in that culture is interested in reading (=buying!!).

On Facebook I must have clicked once on a joke about Trump. It was a good joke but still a joke. From that moment I only saw Trump-jokes, no Clinton jokes, no positive actions from Trump, only the joke ones!! Somebody else must have done the same thing about a Clinton joke and haven’t seen anything positive about Clinton either.

I feel ashamed that -even I, who thinks to know how people’s minds in relation to culture works- did not see how the media, in the way it’s organised now, mislead us.
 Because in the end everybody everywhere will be more attracted to the kind of information they feel good with.
In my case it’s rational, but I realise that the value of that quality is also different for everybody else.

Learning this I admit, I’m very sad. because it’s my rational mind, who thinks that when people use their brains and open up their minds we can learn and enjoy our differences and live together happily after.
Can an institute as the International FeelGood Academy make difference??

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