Why laughing is good for you; mini lecture laughing and smiling

Smiling and laughing part 1

Last week I had not much to smile about, so today, let’s talk about something possitive like laughing and smiling.
There’s so much to say about simple laughing and smiling, I don’t know where to start.

I want to be surrounded by people who feel good and happy, it gives me energy and a positive feeling.
But ‘How do I know people are happy?’, -> ‘Because they smile or look content’. At least that is how I think how people show that they are happy/content and enjoy themselves, that they’ ve fun.

Technically smiling is pulling a face; ‘A tensioning of the muscles around the corners of the mouth, the mouth ends curl up ang sometimes opens.
You can define a lot of different laughs; a smile, a grinn, a giggle, a chuckle, a snicker, howl of laughter.
These different laughs can be categorized in two sorts of laughter;
– The burst out-, loud-, spontaneous-, belly laugh, a laugh from the heart,
– And the social laugh.

Today I’ll focus on the physical part of laughing.
Spontaneous laughter is the same for everybody in the world. The reasons for this laughter are not so obvious (but that’s for later, otherwise I should write a book and not a short blog).

Babies laugh before they can talk and children laugh more times a day then adults do.

A good laugh is very healthy, specially the deep, spontaeous, ‘belly laugh’; It changes the breathing pattern and the intake of oxygen for a while. 
During laughing you’ll enter more oxygen and exit more carbon dioxide from the lungs.

You can try it yourself; Feel how you work your longs and belly breathing when you say 10 times HA, HA. If you try to bring hte bresthing in more towards the chest, it becomes more a HI HI.

Laughing stimulates multiple functions in your body, like; Heart rate and Blood pressure.

Laughing reduces stress and pain (with all it’s negative effects) because the production of the Feel Good hormon endoformine and reduces the stess hormon cortisol.
In English people say that a laugh or smile enlightens your face, but it also enlightens your brain (pre frontal cortex in front of your brain) because of the endoformine.
When you see something beautiful, -funny, or something good happens or you enjoy a situation you will smile which will produces endoformin which makes you feel good. But the other way around it works too, when you smile -even if you’re not happy- you’re body will produce endormine and it will make you feel good, relaxes or enlightens your spirit.

Put a pencil horizontal in your mouth and be aware what happens with your face and brain

It might not change the mood you’re in but at least a bit how you feel about it.

Last but not least in this mini lecture about laughing.
People who are relaxed process information (=learn) easier.
And very important, you can’t be relaxed and angry at the same time.

KEEP ON SMILING IFGAblogperson.jpg

To be continued

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