Moving, routines and habits

I’m very sorry I didn’t write my blog last week. 
We were moving house.
I’ve done it many times before, locally and internationally. 
The move it self does not nerve me very much. It’s physsically hard work as I want it to be over as fast as possible. I want to live and not being occupied by the boxes and the move for weeks. So it took me 4 days to pack the old home and making a new home. After that my body was tired, alright. But nothing a good nights sleep and some rest can’t fix.
No it’s the weeks and months after the actual move which are the hardest.
A move nationally or internationally is one of the biggest stress factors in life.

People build -concious and unconcious- a lifestyle and a have a picture in their brain of life, which is normal, good and safe; People build a routines, habits, behaviour which fit in that lifestyle. (That might not be the lifestyle they like or want, but what’s as comfortable possible in that certain special situation which is different from person to person).

When you move all those big and little routines, habits and behaviour needs to change.
The closer your move is the less you have to adjust, the further away you move the more you’ve to adjust and get used to and build a new sort of ‘lifestyle’.
This time I moved only locally, 20 km the most. But I moved from a rural green area to a busy business and building area. No more birds sounds, but traffic and generators. The kids are much closer to school and can walk to the mall, when weather allows. Morning traffic is huge so no quick early morning shopping. Where is a gym and how do the these machines work? Where is the doctor? and will it be a nice one as the one before? Can I find the toilet at night in the dark? When I cook on gas won’t the house explode? Oh dear the neighbours have small children where I have teenagers who seem to live on times when they might like to sleep?
They are just simple little things but I’m out of my comfort zone. I know I will grow into it fast enough this time and have a new routine and habits, who are not better or worse than my former routine and habits but just different which will fit better in this place.

So because of the morning traffic I started working early, when everybody is on their way, then go en route do my groceries etc., come back and start working again.
That is a routine which might work but now I find how hard it is for me to get back in the flow of the writing and focus again on the same topic.
I find it very uncomfortable and frustrating. The other hand is that I discovered and learned now that I need some time to get into the flow and that what I write in the early morning is different then the same topic later during the day.
It’s very interesting how the human brain works when emotions gets involved and how a big or a small culture shock can make you aware.
That’s probably why it’s my job and I developed workshops ‘culture shock, how to survive home sickness’ and ‘multicultural intelligence’


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