Happy 2017

The first blog in 2017. Happy new year to you all.

May all the bubbles on your path be, champagne-, soap and bath bubbles.

When I think about 2016, I’m worried; People all over the world are being locked up in their internet and social media information-bubble; nice and save with all other people who think and like the same.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Apple, they all want to find out what we like so they can sell advertisement-space more purposeful. And of coarse, I’m very happy that I’m not overloaded by advertisements for …. diapers anymore but 20 years ago I would have liked to know what kind of diapers were available and for what price and where that easy.

What I don’t like is that news, information about what is happening in the world is also ‘media-lized’. When companies find out I’m interested in certain news they will only send me more of the same kind of news from the same kind of perspective/ opinion and no opposite or different information will come my way again.
The more news and information I get from that same perspective/opinion the more I will be convinced that that’s the only/right news or opinion. We don’t get other/more information/news about people or situations anymore. At some point we even don’t ask our selves if there’s another opinion or just one way to look at a situation, possible. We become a kind of brainwashed.
The tollerance for people who think or behave different then what we’re used to becomes less. There’s hardly any empathy left for possibilities for other ways of live.

The internet gives us the chance to make news and information open for everybody and make censuring possibilities of governments less. Though it looks like we’re becoming victims of the censuring of the marketing, nowadays.

The International Feelgood Academy aims to raise more understanding and acceptance between people so we can enjoy our differences. We hope that we can all ‘popp’ our bubbles and make it a splashing 2017 all over the world.IFGAblogperson

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