Pre holiday fun

Yoho, Januari is the time to plan for the coming year, to plan for things that give energy, like holidays/vacations. The travelcompanies know this very well and the advertisements for holidays and travels are everywhere.
It’s the time for travel guides; Dreaming of palmbeaches, blue skies, high mountains, campings, hotels, themeparks, green forrests, lovely remote cottages or resorts with lot’s of entertainment. Then the discussions and the final decission where to go. 
The preparations, reading about the place, the culture, things to do (or not).
I get really excited with the idea of travelling on forehand. The anticipation is almost as much fun as the actual vacation or holiday.

Some people think I’m absolutly nuts and pitying me. “You will be so dissapointed when things don’t turn out the way you pictured it; what you hoped for or expected” or “You’re a coward trying to expell unwanted surprises”. 
The comments are usually given from a negative perspective which I cannot agree with and they even surprised me.
I guess it all has to do with expectations and how everybody deals with their own expectations and dissapointments.
 There are no dissapointments without -known- and unknown- expectations. 
A dissapointment makes you aware of a reality which is different from what you expected or what you value.
And that’s exactly what makes all the difference; I love different realities, I love to see what other people think is normal, why they think it’s normal, how they find sollutions for problems or why some things I see are not considered as a problem, or the opposite.

This last vacation I learned how much I apreciate a warm room, so after a shower I don’t need to get clothes on as quick as possible to maintain my body warmth, but I also learned to close the bathroom door, make it steamy and warm, have my pj’s ready and use that steamyroom for getting the wrinkles out my shirt. 
It was during a vacation at a themepark I learned how impatient I’m and how I absolutly hate to waste my time waiting in a line. I still try to avoid lines, but if it happens, I won’t get that angry anymore and spoil everybody elses fun.
I can’t wait for my next vacation and it’s beautiful surprises and those won’t be fifth choice accomodations as we booked too late.


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