What’s society so afraid of?


Have you ever been afraid? really feared for your existance; your life, your way off living? Well, I have. And it makes you shrink, your body, your brain, everything stops and you want to crawl back into a save place, and shut the door and window for everything. All creative thinking of how to solve a situation and a problem seem to have vanished into thin air.
Fear stinks, literally. Animals with a good sense of smell can be agressive when they smell fear, to protect themself and their flock/family.

Basically, fear is a healthy emotion when people feel threatened or endangered. The energy, emotions tend to produce, make it possible to react; freeze, run or attack.

When I look to western societies, nowadays, I see and smell fear.
I’m wondering what people fear so much?
There’s not a realistic life threatening fear, a fear the only solution is to run from it.
But what causes the fear that people want to close borders and shut themselves of from groups which made them stronger?
Is it fear for the continuity of their way of life?
Why people close their minds, their hearts, their houses, their borders.
A step further will be agression, as some people believe that attack is the best defence (very much a basic animal instinct, which people should be outgrown after 10.000.000 years).

I think it must have something to do with an invasion of influences that are threatening a away of live materialistic and inmatelerialistic (as; thoughts/ believes/ convictions/values of good and bad.)
The recession in a big part of the world
of the past 10 years have made many people uncertain and fearsome for their income, financial safety and the possibilties to maintain their way of live. 
In social democratic societies as in western europe, people saw how their social security (retirement, health care, education, right of income) was decreasing or getting very expensive. They saw how their values, as liberty and equality, meant that they had to share with even less fortunate. (It’s easier to blame those poor soles then reconsider your values).

“The more you’ve got the more you’ve got to lose”
That counts specially for the aging population of western europe, plus the older people get the more fearsome they are.

Because of globalisation you see that different thoughts/believes/convictions/values traditions and behaviour invade everyday live, and threaten peoples own original thoughts/believes/convictions/values/traditions/behaviour and cultural heritage.

A healthy and wise response to the emotion fear (very short) is to acknowledge the emotion fear, then you can research what it is exactly that makes you so afraid and think of a way how to handle it.
Societies are in someways just big bodies and should react the same -grown up- reaction as a normal human body.


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