Necessarity of routines

3 Months ago we had to move house, to a different part of the city. Even it was a move in the a city I already knew, it’s only now that I can say that I’m getting used to my new surroundings. After 3 months I can drive home without thinking about how and when the easiest route to come home. I can look around again, check- and enjoy my surroundings.
(Although it’s in the city this area must have been an agricultural area as there’re sheep and camels around the corner!)

My drive home has become a routine!

Routine is doing tasks without -much- thinking/ without taking much energy (i.e. brain energy). 
People need a routine to forfill their duties comfortably. It gives time and energy for more fun things or for tasks that require more energy.
Our morningrush is under control and that means we can have a quiet breakfast, we can even have a chat about instead of ticking of the list of duties for everyone and running to get to school/work in time.
The routine makes the start of the day a lot less complicated and us function better the rest of the day.

In a couple of weeks though the comfortable routine will become TOO much of a routine and turns to become a habit or custom; A regular tendency of practice or procedures, especially ones that are hard to give up (wikipedia).
Everything in live which is “TOO” is not good. A habit can turn into an addiction, which we can’t do without. 
TOO much of the routine means we lose the flexibility to react on changes without being knocked out of our comfortzone, it’s killing our problem solving skills.
Can you imagine the stress it will cause when there are roadworks on the familiar route!?!?


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