Diversity versus cultural intelligence

Why my blog is not diversity based
A friend of mine adviced me to tag diversity in my blogs that would score a lot of hits. 
But I’m so tired of the whole diversity topic; “Diversity at work”, “managing diversity”. It’s what I’ve studied, how to train people in dealing with diversity.
Learning people to deal with diversity is like training a dog to sit and give a paw. They only do the trick but not by conviction.
Of course you can train people how to react in certain situations. But that doesn’t change people. Besides situations do change very fast, so the trick will be outdated in no time.

“No” I’m much more interested in reasons

  • Why is it neccesary to learn people to deal with diversity? For most of us already live and work in a divers society, especially the young people. Not only cultural diversity but also gender- and age diversity.
  • Why the groups and people I train are not so divers? Dealing with diversity is mutual not a one way.
  • Why do I see a growing cultural intolerance a growing fatigue of diversity and globalisation

I want to find out

  • How people can build bridges between all kind of different people,
  • How people can live together and enjoy our differences.

Not only you and me but everybody, dealing with diversity is not a one way thing.

Diversity is a fact,if you like it or not, even if you’re not living with cultural diversity, you live with gender- and age diversity.
Not accepting diversity in a society is scarry and leads in extrems to genocide.

I’m interested to see if Cultural Intelligence is an answer. Just like brain intelligence and emotional intelligence have helped us grow as persons, cultural intelligence might help us grow as humans.
In my blogs I try to approach daily and worldwide situations in a cultural intelligent way so we learn to enjoy our differences.


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