are traditions obstructive?

Some of you might know that I’m an visual artist besides my work for the International Feelgood Academy.
I like too share a problem with you. 
I have made an art work called ‘defending traditions Qatar’, in contradiction I want to make an artwork ‘obstructive traditions Qatar’, as I was/am convinced that traditions are obstructing and restricting.

But I’m stuck. very STUCK.
What are traditions obstructing? Growth? Development? I can’t find any visual prove of that.

A tradition is retaining to a habit, custom a ritual thats being past on from generation to generation. 
Traditions are important for a cultural/national unity, as it’s rituals/rules are known to people it’s helps to identify with a group. It maintains a social stability.
Because traditions are been passed from generation to generation it seems very conservative and conservatism is obstructing growth and progress. But as generations change also the customs and rituals change and renew constantly.
It’s the compulsion of confirming to group-behaviour that’s been associated with traditions that obstructs personal freedom and individuality. That is something different then supposing that traditions are obstructing growth and development.

Here comes another thought, out written.
Traditions confirm a social identity, confirm a group/society, who are holding on to certain ways, certain customs. People belong to that group or don’t.
Not everybody feels connected or is included in certain traditions and related groups. 
The stronger people hold on to certain traditions the more they obstruct new input/ possibilities of change/of growth that comes with other people. They’re telling that when you don’t join in, you’re left out, you’re rejected. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to visualise!

So, “wham bham thank you mem” I’ve got the solution for my art work. It’s not going to be called, obstructive traditions but, rejecting traditions

I hope you were able to follow my thoughts.
Writting all the mixed up thoughts and trying to make sense really helped me. 
Please enjoy the artwork and I will share ‘rejecting traditions as soon as it’s finished.


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