screenagers culture shock


Usually  I have different cultures in mind -in the sense of nationality and background-when I’m writing about differences between cultures; how to acknowledge them, accept them and FeelGood with them. That’s my field of expertise.
Today I want to share another kind of differences and background, culture with you. 
The differences between older and younger generations. 
I’m not a pediatrician but as a mother of 4 children I feel like an experienced expert.
 My children grew up in all kind of different countries and with different schooling systems so I think I’ve got some divers comparison.

Although our children live in the same environment as we do, they have a totally different background end experiences then older people have. Because of the fast changing technology and possibilities more than ever.
As parents we can’t rely on experiences of our own youth anymore. Internet and globalization have changed our whole environment and not many things are the same anymore. While in the previous times people could rely on generations of experience in ways of education.

Because of all those differences I find that a lot of older people are condemning the youth and the way they deal with their society.
For example, all the negativity older generations have about how youth use their screentime.
“They’re always staring at their screens!” 
There are a lot of biases about the use of all different devices.

Nowadays Work/study is mostly done behind…. a screen; recreation, by playing games, watching television or reading is done ……..behind a screen; listening -even making music- can be done….. behind a screen; Social contacts….. behind a screen, organising your life-…….
Older generations grew up with a distinction and a clear balance in time and location between work/study, recreation and socializing. 
This distinction now is almost gone.
It’s a bit hypocrite to blame the youth for this. They just don’t grow up with that ‘good old fashioned’ distinction and balance. They’ve got a complete different frame of reference, a complete different reality of work/study, recreation and socializing.

I think it’s useless to condemn these new technologies as -be honest- we all use them more than we would like. 
And would you like to go back in time?? Not me! I love being able to show and share my photoos, have conversations with friends all over the world, watching my series while running in the gym, having my books with me without carrying all those kilo’s and killing trees for paper, Finding answers for all my questions. 
This is the ‘screenage’!

It’s like all culture shocks; deep personal values, believes and convictions are shown, we have to acknowledge and accept that and make it our own.
A lot of our values and convictions have to change to accept this new age.
People are not very good in changing values and believes. But we have to! We as parents have to guide our youth in this new age.
And it’s a big guess what’s the right thing to do as we have no similar experience or examples.
I’m honest about this to my children, I’ve got no clue. But I know the basic needs of every human. physical and mental health. So they must have physic exercise, even if they use an app for a training schedule, watching tv, or listening to music.
It’s the mental health I do worry about. The fact that there’s no distinction or balance anymore. Not only because the possibilities to focus are less but also to give the brain a rest.
The reaction of my child: “Oh mama, but I’ve got an app for meditation and yoga which teach me to meditate”….
Do trust our youth that our youth are good humans, the way how, is up to them, we can only keep in contact and guide them.

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