Truth 2

A while ago I was triggered by writing about truth. Since then I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about truth.
It makes me feel good when I think something it’s true, a sort of good, feeling certain, in control, being right. 
Since I discovered that the truth is more an actual state of matter or a fact, I do realize that most of my truth is my -well argumented (I think)- opinion. 
My opinion is being formed by what I hear from the people and media around me, what I read in the papers, magazine and books, what I do on research on the internet and most of all the background and culture I grew up with.
The more I hear and read the same thing, the more true it becomes.
BUT it’s always the same media, the same sort of books. My language abilities limit me to media in dutch and english; western based media, western way of thinking. Same thing with books but also the search aids do direct me to a sort of book I like or might be interested in and those are usually a confirmation of my direction of thinking.
I like to think that I try very hard to get a complete overview from a situation or matter and can consider from more points of view to state my opinion, my truth.
In some ways I can, I live a multicultural life, I can imagine how/what a japanese, an Englishman, a German or Qatari will consider a situation or matter as a truth.

Knowing that my truth is not someone elses truth doesn’t make life easier, because more often I find that my opinion/my truth change with the person or media I’m dealing with. My opinion/my truth is blowing in all directions of the wind, I feel like a ‘plastic bag blowing in the wind’. 
Not knowing what is actually true and right or wrong makes me feel uncertain and out of control, it doesn’t feel good.
Sometimes I even wished I’m able to believe in a religion or something to have a believe in a certain truth, but then again, I’m too much of that ‘plastic bag blowing in the wind’ to believe in a truth what actually is only a certain state of mind.

I Think I’m not the only one confused, what to believe to be true/right or wrong anymore. What do people do when they’re confused? They tend to go back to what they know, turn to certainties that they knew were right. I’m afraid that isn’t going to work either, as the truth (the actual state of a matter of a fact) actually IS changing.

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