Culture Shock, part3


This feels so weird, I’m home alone, all by my self.
Just waved the children of to school, husband is of to work, the movers are gone and the house is made a home.
I do feel a bit lost and dizzy.
This is it! we’re moved and ready for a new life routine.

For the children and hubby, the last couple of days were filled with introductions and welcomes; Always an exciting time; Do I like the new children? will I make friends? where are we going for each class? will I understand the lesson? What will my new job bring, how are my new colleagues?
They will be forced to adjust to a new, but existing situation and will find a routine to manage their way into the new life soon enough.
For the ‘trailering’ spouse though, it’s different and harder in some ways. The freedom a spouse might have when the family is all organised can also mean a feeling of being lost; Can I work? how do I find work? How am I going to spend my time in a fulfilling way? How do I meet people, will I make friends?
Specially when you don’t have children or do have older -more independent- children and you’re are not bound to a school routine or when you were used to a forfilling job, responsibilities and colleagues

People need routines; Routines are jobs and tasks which don’t take too much effort and energy and are done comfortably. When you have to think about all your actions and nothing can be done in automatic mode, life is very exhausting . That’s exactly the reason why you can feel very tired during the first year of an -international- move.

For me this move is easy considering the routines. As a multiple repatriate, I return in a known environment. Although I have to get used to the changes that have taken place here and in myself.
Now, I have to start to find something fulfilling for myself too, which I find hard as I’m very much used to think about the needs of my family and not about myself (so I could always blame them for not having a life for myself).
This will be a challenge, as the daily routine stage of a culture shock is not my problem this time but the more, deeper and confronting, stage of finding a fulfilling routine jumps in immediately.
But not today! Dog needs to see the VET, again. Bicycle broke (you can’t do without a bicycle as transportation in the Netherlands) and there are ‘back to school’ meetings to attend.IFGAblogperson

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