Oops, Within the first week with my new car I received 2 traffic tickets for driving too fast. Yep, it’s a small and fast car, -the first time not a family car-. 
It accelerates easy and is very silent so I don’t hear on the motor how fast I drive, which I could tell with … More Rules

A look on multi cultural diner customs

There are a few features which we use to compare- and analyse multiple cultures. One of them is the difference between a collective- or individualistic cultures. 
It’s about preceding needs; the collective needs (the needs of the family, clan or group) or the individual needs (personal needs). When you are aware of these distinctions, it’s great … More A look on multi cultural diner customs


Last week I wrote about fear. But writing about fear made me realise that fear also has got everything to do with trust. Fear is a lack of trust; a trust that ‘it will be alright’. In many ways I’m very privileged; I come from a society where I can trust the health system, police … More Trust

Time or clock?

From a cultural perspective, time is a very interesting phenomenon. Because it depends in which culture and where you’ve been raised how you live with time. “You’ve got the clock, we’ve got time” Is an african saying. And like most sayings there’s some truth in that. In most cities in Europe you’ve got clock- or … More Time or clock?