Truth 2

A while ago I was triggered by writing about truth. Since then I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about truth. It makes me feel good when I think something it’s true, a sort of good, feeling certain, in control, being right. 
Since I discovered that the truth is more an actual state of matter … More Truth 2


Last week I wrote about fear. But writing about fear made me realise that fear also has got everything to do with trust. Fear is a lack of trust; a trust that ‘it will be alright’. In many ways I’m very privileged; I come from a society where I can trust the health system, police … More Trust

Happy 2017

The first blog in 2017. Happy new year to you all. May all the bubbles on your path be, champagne-, soap and bath bubbles. When I think about 2016, I’m worried; People all over the world are being locked up in their internet and social media information-bubble; nice and save with all other people who … More Happy 2017