A look on multi cultural diner customs

There are a few features which we use to compare- and analyse multiple cultures. One of them is the difference between a collective- or individualistic cultures. 
It’s about preceding needs; the collective needs (the needs of the family, clan or group) or the individual needs (personal needs). When you are aware of these distinctions, it’s great … More A look on multi cultural diner customs

Time or clock?

From a cultural perspective, time is a very interesting phenomenon. Because it depends in which culture and where you’ve been raised how you live with time. “You’ve got the clock, we’ve got time” Is an african saying. And like most sayings there’s some truth in that. In most cities in Europe you’ve got clock- or … More Time or clock?

Cultural Intelligence

My Children are real global citizens, “where ever they lay their head that’s their home”. They’re raised multi-cultural, even more then I sometimes realise. They are growing up fast now. They start to be young adults with all the ups and downs. I find it sometimes hard to let go and to admit that they’re … More Cultural Intelligence

Culture differences and greetings

There are visible and non visible culture differences; The visible culture differences are how people live (apartments, high-rise, huts, villas, terraced houses? in cities or villages), how they dress (warm, cold, covering, showing); What/who they love and celebrate (the heroes, the festivals, the food, the music, the books) and how they behave (greetings, managing time … More Culture differences and greetings

Cultural Adjustments

In the Netherlands, when it’s warm and not raining, we go outside! We sit in our gardens, on our balconies, in parks or at café’s with outdoor terraces. We’re programmed like that. So when we moved to Japan, we made our selves comfortable in our little garden; Brought out some chairs (we couldn’t find outdoor … More Cultural Adjustments

Ramadan Kareem

It’s the last week of the ramadan. I fled Qatar. The heat, the Ramadan and the Sharia that if we would do something wrong we would be punished (nobody knows what or how). I’ve got a teenage daughter who’s a bit rebellious and got the intention showing of her (gorgeous young) body and I can’t … More Ramadan Kareem