Why laughing is good for you; mini lecture laughing and smiling

Smiling and laughing part 1 Last week I had not much to smile about, so today, let’s talk about something possitive like laughing and smiling. There’s so much to say about simple laughing and smiling, I don’t know where to start. I want to be surrounded by people who feel good and happy, it gives … More Why laughing is good for you; mini lecture laughing and smiling

Culture differences and greetings

There are visible and non visible culture differences; The visible culture differences are how people live (apartments, high-rise, huts, villas, terraced houses? in cities or villages), how they dress (warm, cold, covering, showing); What/who they love and celebrate (the heroes, the festivals, the food, the music, the books) and how they behave (greetings, managing time … More Culture differences and greetings


Scientificisch is not an existing word. I made it up. 
Let me explain, this is a personal story; One of my children was struggling in school a lot, which was strange because he was absolutely an intelligent boy. Bit by bit, year by year, we learned that he was a very visual thinker. Which is hard … More Scientificisch

Cultural Adjustments

In the Netherlands, when it’s warm and not raining, we go outside! We sit in our gardens, on our balconies, in parks or at café’s with outdoor terraces. We’re programmed like that. So when we moved to Japan, we made our selves comfortable in our little garden; Brought out some chairs (we couldn’t find outdoor … More Cultural Adjustments


When we talk we share knowledge when we listen we learn For me, going out for diner is a cultural event. I love to see the connection between people on other tables; the different conversations in groups, the focussed conversations between business men, the non conversations between couples, or -like last night the twittering conversation … More Listening


It’s the philosophie of the International FeelGood Academy, that people who feel good,- save, – happy will be able look in a more positive way into the world, and will accept the differences and will be able to live with each other in peace on this beautiful planet. This is a well accepted way of thinking … More Happiness

Dopamine 1

  When you do research about Feeling Good you can’t avoid the hormone ‘dopamine’. I decided that I must know something about dopamine before I write more about it and feeling good. But I’m not a scientist, I’m so NOT a scientist! I’m much more interested in applying all knowledge and theories into use for … More Dopamine 1