These last months have been a rollercoaster. My daughter, M. has done her final exams from high school; It was stress during the exams, a deep fun senior trip, stress anticipating the results, a good choreografed graduation ceremony, preparing for college/university and (the last family-??) holiday. She passed and was very happy with the results; … More Graduation

A fairytale, a nightmare in continuation of 1001 nights

Once upon a time there were 6 brothers in an old middle eastern region. The parents of the brothers had died a long time ago. The biggest and oldest brother was the boss in the family, he felt responsible and thought it his duty to keep the brothers under his reign, according to his values … More A fairytale, a nightmare in continuation of 1001 nights


  Yesterday we were on the souq. (The souq is a traditional version of a shopping mall or a market hall.) In ‘our’ souq we’ve got a ‘pet’ section. “And oh my heart broke”. The way these poor birds and animals are being treated; In the heat, in to small cages, animals which aren’t pets or … More Souq


  The freedom to choose is a big accomplishment in the western world; People can choose the political party they think is best for them, they can choose their partner, they can choose what to wear, to which restaurant they go, what to eat, without being persecuted or punished and even killed. some choices might … More Choices


When we talk we share knowledge when we listen we learn For me, going out for diner is a cultural event. I love to see the connection between people on other tables; the different conversations in groups, the focussed conversations between business men, the non conversations between couples, or -like last night the twittering conversation … More Listening

Truth 1, ramadan

Truth, religion This week the Ramadan started, the month of fasting in the Islam. I live in a conservative islamic country, which means that not islamic people are also not allowed to eat and drink in public (the car is public here?!) and it’s about 40+C. I’m not going to share with you what ramadan … More Truth 1, ramadan