Coaching & Counselling

The International FeelGood Academy also offers personal coaching & counselling because we believe in personal development and that in some situations individual sessions with a professional coach are more effective.
When people can’t find ways to handle a new or changing situation, we can speak about a problem. With our coach/counsellor we guide you to find new or different ways to handle the problem.

IFGA related coaches are specialised in intercultural themes;

  • questions related to living and working in a different culture then your own, culture shock and personal cultural integration
  • professional related questions; career counseling, intercultural communication and -management
  • intercultural relationships, family.
  • personal- and spiritual questions, like balance work – private live

Depending on the question and person we use different techniques known in most coaching programs, but slightly culture modificated.  We name, NeuroLinguistic Programming, systemic alignment, mindfulness,  mindset, visualization techniques.

We offer online coaching but we might also have coaches near you.

The average coaching traject takes 5 sessions 
A session takes about 1 – 1 1/2 hour.
80 per hour