(International) Student Support

No matter how eager -or not- you are, the first year of college/university after high school is a big adventure and an important step towards maturity and independence. Specially if you’re going to study abroad, far away from your family, known environment and culture (local-, student-and study culture). 
Your life will be different in so many ways, so many things will change; Teaching methods high school versus College/University, Family life versus independent student life, , take care of your self, responsibilities, cultural differences, to name a few.

The Netherlands do have a generally good quality of universities who offer a lot of programs in English, with affordable rates. And with the threat of Brexit many choose the Netherlands. 40% Of the Dutch students drop out in the first year and numbers of international students are even higher.

For parents, it can be incredibly frustrating to watch your child from far away; unable to support your child when something unexpected comes up. The frustration can range from offering your child something as simple as a healthy, home cooked meal or getting them their groceries, to helping them out in overwhelming social or cultural situations, or reminding them to take advantage of the experience of living abroad and relax a bit (or to get out of the bar and to study).

As a parent of 4 internationale students and their friends, I’ve seen and experienced their struggles, all in their own unique way; Some couldn’t handle the freedom and responsibilities, some took it all to serious and got a burnout, some didn’t know how to take care of themselves, loneliness, homesickness and culture shock. A few dropped out the first year disillusioned, disappointed and desperate. Which is such a pity, a waste of talent, time, money and energy and the well being of the student.
To my experience the introduction and student counsellors of first year international students is insufficient for the so called Third Culture Kids issues.

As a Dutch citizen , knowing the Dutch Universities and their cultures and being a professional intercultural coach, experienced with Third Culture Kids’ problems and their struggles I developed in name of the International Feelgood Academy, the International Student Support Program.

The goal of the program is supporting (international) students to develop life-& coping skills to survive student life in the Netherlands; For example, from how and where to do laundry, motivation skills, planning for exams, social-student-life in the Netherlands to belonging questions.
Our mission is to support you, the student through this first ‘rollercoaster’ year, make it a successful experience and an enjoyable adventure to study and live abroad.

The Programme

We hit very practical topics as housing, health, diet, hygiene, relations/friends, effective study skills, relations/friends, time spending, money/budget, we support the student finding right approach and concentrate on developing personal-, coping-strategies and -skills.
We’ll talk about study expectations, motivation and progress, dive deeper into subject as home sickness or culture shock, the dutch student life culture (alcohol/drugs/societies/clubs). 
During the program the topics will get more personalised to the needs and interests of the student.

The Student Support Program consists of 10 monthly appointments of an hour, somewhere in the neighbourhood of the students is location.

We are professional, qualified coaches that specialise in intercultural topics, as intercultural communication, -psychology , third-culture kids and intercultural intelligence. We use a range of well known methods adjusted to the needs of international students.
We’ve got knowledge of the Dutch universities and student life and wellbeing out of first hand.

Practical Information


  • Call or text (+31) 6 50650122 in case of cancelation.
  • Cancel at least 24 hours before the session, and we will reschedule the appointment.
  • Cancelations shorter than 24 hours before the session are considered no-shows. We do not provide refunds.


We offer the programme in English, Dutch, and German


Sessions take place in your very own town! We travel to you!


International student program;

10 monthly sessions during a year € 600,00 in advance
single sessions €  80,00


We ensure that all information discussed during this programme is confidential. No information or knowledge will be shared with any third party, unless the client grants their permission or when the coach fears for the client and their (social) safety or wellbeing.


The student remains responsible for the progress in his/her studies and the completion of his/her life, the coach is only supportive. 
The coach is responsible to use effective methods which can support the development for the individual students.