A fairytale, a nightmare in continuation of 1001 nights

Once upon a time there were 6 brothers in an old middle eastern region. The parents of the brothers had died a long time ago. The biggest and oldest brother was the boss in the family, he felt responsible and thought it his duty to keep the brothers under his reign, according to his values … More A fairytale, a nightmare in continuation of 1001 nights

Culture Shock. part 1

Transition I can’t deny it anymore. Within 10 days we move out of Qatar to the Netherlands. 
We’re in transition mode; The household is being divided in; what’s going to ‘suit case’, ‘freight container’ and ‘what to be sold’; The heart is out of the house, it’s not a home anymore; Everybody is agitated and … More Culture Shock. part 1

Truth 2

A while ago I was triggered by writing about truth. Since then I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about truth. It makes me feel good when I think something it’s true, a sort of good, feeling certain, in control, being right. 
Since I discovered that the truth is more an actual state of matter … More Truth 2

A look on multi cultural diner customs

There are a few features which we use to compare- and analyse multiple cultures. One of them is the difference between a collective- or individualistic cultures. 
It’s about preceding needs; the collective needs (the needs of the family, clan or group) or the individual needs (personal needs). When you are aware of these distinctions, it’s great … More A look on multi cultural diner customs


Glenglish “Glengish??” You will ask your self. What means glengish? It’s a non existing word and I just made it up. 
It’s a combination of GLobal and ENGLISH. I live in a very international environment with a lot of different expats. Expats from America, Egypt, England, Europe, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Philipines, Sri Lanka, just to … More Glenglish