A look on multi cultural diner customs

There are a few features which we use to compare- and analyse multiple cultures. One of them is the difference between a collective- or individualistic cultures. 
It’s about preceding needs; the collective needs (the needs of the family, clan or group) or the individual needs (personal needs). When you are aware of these distinctions, it’s great … More A look on multi cultural diner customs


  Yesterday we were on the souq. (The souq is a traditional version of a shopping mall or a market hall.) In ‘our’ souq we’ve got a ‘pet’ section. “And oh my heart broke”. The way these poor birds and animals are being treated; In the heat, in to small cages, animals which aren’t pets or … More Souq

Pre holiday fun

Yoho, Januari is the time to plan for the coming year, to plan for things that give energy, like holidays/vacations. The travelcompanies know this very well and the advertisements for holidays and travels are everywhere. It’s the time for travel guides; Dreaming of palmbeaches, blue skies, high mountains, campings, hotels, themeparks, green forrests, lovely remote … More Pre holiday fun

Time or clock?

From a cultural perspective, time is a very interesting phenomenon. Because it depends in which culture and where you’ve been raised how you live with time. “You’ve got the clock, we’ve got time” Is an african saying. And like most sayings there’s some truth in that. In most cities in Europe you’ve got clock- or … More Time or clock?

Cultural Intelligence

My Children are real global citizens, “where ever they lay their head that’s their home”. They’re raised multi-cultural, even more then I sometimes realise. They are growing up fast now. They start to be young adults with all the ups and downs. I find it sometimes hard to let go and to admit that they’re … More Cultural Intelligence


Scientificisch is not an existing word. I made it up. 
Let me explain, this is a personal story; One of my children was struggling in school a lot, which was strange because he was absolutely an intelligent boy. Bit by bit, year by year, we learned that he was a very visual thinker. Which is hard … More Scientificisch


How would you call monday differently? Here in the Middle East, Sunday is the weirdest day for me.
I would call Monday “back to realididay”. From western point of view, after the weekend (or free sunday), where you didn’t have to go to work or school, it’s the day you go back to reality and back … More Weekdays

Should a land like Qatar keep organizing international sportevents?

  “I’m stuck, right at the moment, there’s no way out of my house. Qatar has got the World Chamionships cycling right in front of my door. Exiting you might think. Mwah, not really, it’s 14.00hr and it’s still too warm to go outside without any shade and all dust and sand of the building … More Should a land like Qatar keep organizing international sportevents?