These last months have been a rollercoaster. My daughter, M. has done her final exams from high school; It was stress during the exams, a deep fun senior trip, stress anticipating the results, a good choreografed graduation ceremony, preparing for college/university and (the last family-??) holiday. She passed and was very happy with the results; … More Graduation


Oops, Within the first week with my new car I received 2 traffic tickets for driving too fast. Yep, it’s a small and fast car, -the first time not a family car-. 
It accelerates easy and is very silent so I don’t hear on the motor how fast I drive, which I could tell with … More Rules

A fairytale, a nightmare in continuation of 1001 nights

Once upon a time there were 6 brothers in an old middle eastern region. The parents of the brothers had died a long time ago. The biggest and oldest brother was the boss in the family, he felt responsible and thought it his duty to keep the brothers under his reign, according to his values … More A fairytale, a nightmare in continuation of 1001 nights