The International FeelGood Academy has developed a number of intercultural workshops, in which we not only give information, but also share our experiences, knowledge, and thoughts. Our workshops range from workshops for culture shock to intercultural management, and more.

  • Overwhelmed by the impacts of our global world on your parenting style? Our workshop in Authentic International Parenthood is just right for you.
  • Are you going to be moving, or have you just moved to another country? The Culture Shock & Homesickness workshop will help you prepare for this step or guide you through this ‘rollercoaster’ period.
  • Looking to upgrade your management-style to the next, intercultural level? Our Intercultural Management workshop will get you ready.
  • How does one bridge the differences between wildly different cultures? Personal Cultural Integration is an increasingly relevant topic in this day and age, and our workshop will get you thinking.

Our workshops are developed (and can be customised) for businesses, families, or other mixed groups.

For more information, please contact Nicole Zwarts at