Authentic International Parenthood

Being a parent and raising children in a international and/or ever changing environment is an increasingly difficult job. You can not refer to your own upbringing and personal experiences through your life as a parent This problem is even more prominent for parents who are raising their children in a different culture than their own, or when more nationalities come into play in a diversifying family. All of these experiences and all the feelings that come with this can have a negative outcome on your mindset and your way of parenting.

In this programme, we will look at what international parenthood means for you as a person or couple, and how you can deal with these challenges as a parent. Our goal is to help you find the way that you can raise your child(ren) without losing sight of yourself in an ever-changing setting.

When you join this workshop you can expect to gain knowledge about ‘third culture kids’, raising international children and what the impact can be on you and your relations. We give/share information and experiences.

Besides sharing our knowledge and experiences about the topic, we will analyse different situations in context of our own upbringing and learn to recognise (un)known expectations and pitfalls. By using relevant techniques from mindfulness to family-systems, we will do our best to help you out.

Practical Information

This programme will span four sessions, each taking 2 hours.

workshop €300 pp, max. 8 persons
individual/family sessions €80 per hour