Culture Shock & Homesickness

For everybody moving around the world the phenomenon of a culture shock is a reality. An international move can be a rollercoaster experience from exciting to very uncomfortable, that you want to go home, especially during the first year; Nothing is quite the same as what you are used to. Different emotions like happiness, excitement, anger, fear, loneliness can reflect on your life

This particular workshop gives a lot of information about the phenomenon of culture shock and how it might effect you. We’re looking at the personal and emotional sides of culture shock, equipping you with various ways to process and deal with it.
The workshop is not designed for specific cultural situations/ pitfalls but is more concentrating on the personal experience.

People who benefit most are moving or have just moved and is customised to private groups and families.

Practical Information

1 session a 2 hours

workshop €150 pp, max. 8 persons