Intercultural Management

Nowadays every business or company deals with intercultural diversity; the demands of clients, suppliers, services, employers, employees, can present a diverse range of intercultural obstacles; You can think of dining habits, accepting/giving gifts, hierarchy values or management ideas and expectations.

Management in this global system requires managers to interact with all of these different players in a progressive and connecting way so that products and services can be developed, produced, and sold in a profitable way. Employers dealing with different cultures and backgrounds need flexibel management styles to get the best results.

In this workshop, you will learn to recognise how cultural differences can reflect on your product/ service and management style, how to manage intercultural teams, and how to identify and solve problems that stem from these differing backgrounds and work-/service ethics.

This workshop is designed for any manager who has te deal with implications following by different cultures, but can also be adjusted to the demands of any particular business.

Practical Information

1 day, 8 hrs;
€500 pp incl. coffee/tea, lunch
groups max 8 people
mutual consultation