Personal Cultural Integration

In today’s modern society, people have to deal with differences in culture and backgrounds more often than not. Common situations are;

  • Neighbours from different cultures possessing different values and beliefs.
  • Partner with somebody who comes from a different culture.
  • Moving to another country for work /study.
  • Immigrating from culture to culture.
  • The international nature of companies who have to deal with different demands of goods/ services,
  • or have to interact with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds.

Different backgrounds influence how people behave and experience their professional- and social environment.
For examples:

  • How different people approach appointments (and being on time)
  • Whether you wait in line (or not)
  • Professional communications with superiors, colleagues, or clients
  • the different approaches to jokes, the importance of education/ qualifications, the values attached to recreation and pastimes

Knowledge about these different backgrounds, customs, thoughts, believes and your own background, thoughts and customs, in different situations makes it easier to react in a efficient manner and that will make you feel good, rather than uncomfortable and awkward.

In the workshop you will learn to recognise cultural differences, and learn how to integrate these differences in your life so they become an enrichment of your personal life, your relationships, and your professional life.

The Personal Cultural Integration workshop is designed as a follow-up to the International FeelGood Academy’s workshop on Culture Shock. However, if you are interested in interacting better with cultural diversity in social, personal, and professional situations/relations, this workshop is also for you.

The value of this workshop is sharing knowledge, experiences and analysis of different situations and learn to recognise our own behaviour and (un)known expectations and pitfalls and make them part of ourselves.
we will use relevant techniques/information from mindfulness, situation set-ups, intercultural communication to family-systems.

Practical Information

This programme will span four sessions, each taking 2 hours.

workshop €300 pp, max. 8 persons
individual sessions €80 per hour